Course Description

Course bundle includes our best selling 3D character animation lectures! 

Over 400 lectures and 40 hours of content.

Bundle includes the following courses:

  • Maya for Beginners: Complete 3D Animation Masterclass Pack
  • Maya & Unreal: Advanced Skeleton Rigging
  • Maya & Unreal 3D Character Kpop Dance Animation Fundamentals
  • Maya & Unreal: Complete Guide to Fast 3D Animation & Rigging
  • Maya & Unreal: 3D Character Animation Jump Flip Fundamentals
  • How to Kickstart & Grow Your Art Career in the Game Industry


We will be learning the fundamentals of Character Animation, where we will cover the following core skill sets:

  • Getting started with Maya and understanding the animation process

  • Understanding how to utilize the reference image plane in Maya to create realistic game engine ready animations

  • Strong Fundamentals of Animation Body Mechanics

  • Process of using IK/FK controllers and best practices of Unreal Engine's A.R.T. tools & Advanced Skeleton for Autodesk Maya

  • Unreal Engine's A.R.T. rigging tools & Advanced Skeleton for Autodesk Maya

  • Understanding hotkeys to animate quickly

  • Animating with keyframes

  • Animation foundation instruction animations: Ball Bounce, Pendulum, & Basic Body Mechanics

  • Animating a production ready Idle, Run, Walk, Jump, Dance, Jump Flip, quickly and efficiently

  • Fundamentals of motion capture and how to edit motion data

  • Unreal Mannequin and MetaHuman import/export process

  • How to use the Name Matcher, Mannequin Templates, MetaHuman Templates, Walk Designer, and Mocap Library tools

  • Advanced polish process to create professional level animation ready for game engine (Unreal/Unity) export

  • Applying for animation jobs in the industry and what recruiters at top tier studios look for in a demo reel

  • Includes all the rigs necessary to learn while following along

We’ll be utilizing the latest software packages that top tier gaming studios of today use to create all of your favorite titles! The software packages that we’ll be covering are:

  • Autodesk Maya, Advanced Skeleton, Unreal Engine’s Maya Animation Rigging Toolset (A.R.T. for short), and the Unreal game engine.

3D Character Animation Course Bundle

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