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Course curriculum

  • 3

    A.R.T. Tool Project Overview & Setup

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_2.0 Character Setup
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_2.1 Z-Up World Space
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_2.2 What is a Skeleton
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_2.3 Creating a Skeleton
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_2.4 A.R.T. File Structures
  • 4

    Skeleton Placement & Joint Placement Overview

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.0 Skeleton Placement
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.1 Joint Mover UI
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.2 Joint Outliner
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.3 Locking the Geometry
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.4 Pivots and Rotations
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.5 Placing the Joints
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.6 Joint Placement Timelapse
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.7 Saving the Joints
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.8 Joint Placement Timelapse Continued
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_3.9 Joint Placement Final
  • 5

    Deformation Setup Overview

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_4.0 Deformation Setup
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_4.1 Rig Pose Theory
  • 6

    Skinning the Character Rig

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_5.0 Automated Skin Weights
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_5.1 Skin Weights Tools
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_5.2 Paint Operations
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_5.3 Component Editor
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_5.4 Exporting the Skin Weights
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_5.5 Painting the Skin Weights
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_5.6 Prepping for the Mirror
  • 7

    The Completed Control Rig Overview

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.0 The Control Rig
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.1 Loading the Character
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.2 Editing the Skin Weights
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.3 Re-Skinning the Character
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.4 Editing the Control Rig
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.5 Editing the Icons
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.6 Exporting the Rig
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_6.7 Final Rig Overview
  • 9

    Maya Animation Preferences & Best Practices

  • 10

    Production Ready Walk Animation Lower Body

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.0 Overview Rig Controls
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.1 Setting Keys
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.2 Side Contact Pose
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.3 Side View Down Pose
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.4 Side View Passing Pose
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.5 Side View Up Pose
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.6 Side View Opposite Contact Pose
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.7 Front View Translations
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.8 Front View Hips
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.9a Front View Knees
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_9.9b Animation Playblast
  • 11

    Production Ready Walk Animation Upper Body

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_10.0 Upper Torso
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_10.1 Shoulders and Arms
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_10.2 Opposite Arms
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_10.3 Arm Drag Follow Through
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_10.4 Neck and Head
  • 12

    Production Ready Walk Animation Polish

    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.0 Hand Animation
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.1 Hand Animation Cleanup
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.2 Hand Timelapse
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.3 Upper Body Clean Loops
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.4 Lower Body Cleanup
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.5 Lower Body Timelapse
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.6 Off the Spot
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.7 Motion Path
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.8 Animation Export
    • ClassCreatives_ARTTool_Lecture_11.9 Course Wrap
    • Discussion


This course features an accredited university animation instructor who has over 15 years of experience animating both keyframe, and motion capture based animation for studios such as Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sony Computer Ent, Guerilla Games, Sucker Punch, Google, Disney and more.

The rigging instructor has experience with studios such as Walt Disney Studios, Google, and more creating various kinds of rigs for multiple styles and projects.


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