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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Introduction to Maya for Animators

  • 3

    Animation Theory

    • 12 Principles of Animation
    • Line of Action
    • Straights Vs. Curves
    • Silhouette
    • Ease In/Fast In
    • Follow Through and Overlap
    • Secondary Action
    • Arcs
    • Contrast in Posing
    • Animation Offsetting
    • Pushing Poses
  • 4

    Bouncing Ball

    • Overview of the Bouncing Ball
    • Smaller Ball with Different Weight/Timing
    • Squash and Stretch
    • Creating Playblast
  • 5


    • Intro to the Pendulum
    • Animating the Swing
    • Animating Drag, Overlap, and Follow Through
    • Modifying Existing Animation to Forward Settle
    • Applying Concepts to the Human Body
  • 6

    Pose to Pose | Overlap | Breakdowns

    • Key Poses & Building Overlap in Pose
    • Fingers, Polish, & Additional Breakdowns
  • 7

    Idle Animation

    • Overview of the Project
    • Saving Pose to Library
    • Importing Pose from Library
    • Lower Body Root Animation
    • Lower Body Hip Animation
    • Animating Foot/Knee Controllers
    • Upper Body Torso Animation
    • Animating the Shoulders
    • Right Arm Animation
    • Copying Animation to Left Arm
    • Neck and Head Animation
    • Right Hand Animation
    • Left Hand Animation
    • Animation Editor Curve Loops
    • Animation Export Process
  • 8

    Run Animation

    • Overview of the Project
    • Lower Body Side View
    • Lower Body Copying & Pasting Second Leg
    • Lower Body Front View
    • Upper Body Torso Front View
    • Upper Body Torso Side View
    • Right Arm Animation
    • Right Arm Breakdowns
    • Left Arm Copy Paste Method
    • Neck & Head Counter Animation
    • Animation Polish Best Practices
    • Export Process
  • 9

    Walk Animation

    • Lower Body Side View Contact Position
    • Lower Body Side View Down Position
    • Lower Body Side View Passing Position
    • Lower Body Side View Up Position
    • Lower Body Side View Copying Animation to Opposite Side
    • Lower Body Front View Translations
    • Lower Body Front View Hips
    • Lower Body Front View Knees
    • Upper Body Torso
    • Upper Body Shoulders and Arms
    • Upper Body Copying Animation to Opposite Arm
    • Upper Body Drag Follow Through
    • Upper Body Neck and Head
    • Upper Body Hand Animation
    • Upper Body Hand Animation Cleanup
    • Animation Export
  • 10

    Jump Animation

    • Overview of the Project
    • Start Pose Anticipation Jump
    • Land Animation
    • Upper Body Posing
    • Shoulders & Arm Posing Part 1
    • Shoulders & Arm Posing Part 2
    • Neck & Head Animation
    • Animation Retiming
    • Animation Overshoot for Landing
    • Squash Stretch & Finger Animation
    • Export Animation Process
  • 11

    Intro to Motion Capture

    • Importing Motion Data to Character
    • Working with Layers to Create Override Pose
    • Modifying Motion Capture Curve Basics
  • 12

    Applying for Jobs in the Industry

    • Creating a Great Animation Demo Reel
    • Best Practices for Job Hunting
    • Power of the Network
    • Studio Animation Art Tests
    • Discussion


This course features an accredited university animation instructor who has over 15 years of experience animating both keyframe, and motion capture based animation for studios such as Naughty Dog, Insomniac, Sony Computer Ent, Guerilla Games, Sucker Punch, Google, Disney and more.


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