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    3 Easy Payments of $49!3D Character Modeling Course Bundle: Comprehensive Sculpting Guide

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Course Description

In this foundational course we will be learning the fundamentals of Character Modeling, where we will cover the following core skill sets:

  • Sculpting, Optimization, Texturing, and Character Setup

We’ll be utilizing the latest software packages that top tier gaming studios of today use to create all of your favorite titles! The software packages that we’ll be covering are:

  • Zbrush, Maya, Substance Painter, Unity Game Engine, and Marmoset Toolbag 3.

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Project Overview and Setup

  • 3

    Zbrush Character Blockin

    • Course Drip Schedule FAQ
    • Anatomy First Pass
    • Torso Armor Blockin
    • Armor Blockin Timelapse
    • Arms Blockin
    • Gauntlets Blockin
    • Head and Hair Blockin Part 01
    • Head and Hair Blockin Part 02
    • Shin and Boots Blockin
    • Full Body and Cape Blockin
    • Helmet Blockin
    • Shin Straps Blockin Cont'd
    • Shoulder Pad and Blockin Complete
  • 4

    Zbrush Character Polish

    • Boot Sole Polish
    • Boot Polish
    • Shin Guard Polish
    • Shin Straps Polish
    • zModeling the Shin Armor
    • Placing the Shin Armor
    • Pants Polish Part 01
    • Pants Polish Part 02
    • Skirt and Belt Polish
    • Torso Armor Polish Part 01
    • Torso Armor Polish Part 02
    • Arm Gauntlets Polish
    • Shoulder Pad Polish
  • 5

    Zbrush Character Polish Cont'd

    • Hand Anatomy Polish
    • Arm Anatomy Polish
    • Face Polish
    • Beard Polish
    • Hair Polish
    • Cape Polish
  • 6

    Next Steps: Share Your Work and Discuss with Classmates

    • Discussion
    • Class Creatives Community
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