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Course curriculum

  • 2

    Project Overview and Setup

  • 3

    Zbrush Character Blockin

    • Anatomy First Pass
    • Torso Armor Blockin
    • Armor Blockin Timelapse
    • Arms Blockin
    • Gauntlets Blockin
    • Head and Hair Blockin Part 01
    • Head and Hair Blockin Part 02
    • Shin and Boots Blockin
    • Full Body and Cape Blockin
    • Helmet Blockin
    • Shin Straps Blockin Cont'd
    • Shoulder Pad and Blockin Complete
  • 4

    Zbrush Character Polish

    • Boot Sole Polish
    • Boot Polish
    • Shin Guard Polish
    • Shin Straps Polish
    • zModeling the Shin Armor
    • Placing the Shin Armor
    • Pants Polish Part 01
    • Pants Polish Part 02
    • Skirt and Belt Polish
    • Torso Armor Polish Part 01
    • Torso Armor Polish Part 02
    • Arm Gauntlets Polish
    • Shoulder Pad Polish
  • 5

    Zbrush Character Polish Cont'd

    • Hand Anatomy Polish
    • Arm Anatomy Polish
    • Face Polish
    • Beard Polish
    • Hair Polish
    • Cape Polish
    • Discussion
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