Course Description

This course is taught by the legendary composer OGRE Sound.  Learn everything you need to know about Synthwave music composition, theory, and more!

We will cover the following core skill sets:

  • Sonic Branding, creating Trailer Music for a brand using various instrumentation, Mixing, and Mastering the tracks

We’ll be utilizing the latest software packages/hardware that top tier composers of today use to create all of your favorite jingles and songs! The software packages that we’ll be covering are:

  • Ableton Live 8

  • Boss CE-3

  • Eurorack Rings

  • Kawai S100P

  • Mono/Poly

  • Moog M32 Shaker

  • Minitaur Bass

  • JV1080/VP03

  • Contact Microphone

  • Condensor Microphone

  • Minilogue Arpeggio

  • Minilogue Tines


This course features award-winning composer Robin Ogden (OGRE Sound) whose work can be found in HBO’s Vice Principals, an audio consultant for BBC, and various award winning indie title game compositions. Robin is also featured in the documentary The Rise of the Synths and is currently releasing music with Grammy winning soundtrack label Lakeshore Records. His work is grounded in a multitude of analog synthesizers, contact microphones, and custom handmade instruments.

Course curriculum

  1. 2
  2. 3
  3. 4
    • ClassCreatives_OGRE_SonicBranding_Module_3.0

  4. 5
    • Sonic Branding Music

  5. 6
    • Sonic Branding Mixing

  6. 7
    • Mastering

  7. 9
  8. 10
    • Track Laying

  9. 11
    • Finishing the Arrangement

  10. 12
    • Trailer Music Mixing

  11. 13
    • The Mix Bus

  12. 14
    • Revisions & Changes

  13. 15
    • Trailer Music Mastering

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