Course Description

In this foundational course we will be learning the fundamentals of ¾ cutaway concept art. This type of concept art is great for showcasing an interior environment space making it a great design learning opportunity.

The focus will be on generating ideas, creating a relatable entertaining design, and sketching methods to create your concept.

We will cover the following core skill sets:

  • Philosophies and mindset of a concept artist

  • Generating ideas for narrative design

  • Reference Studying

  • Photoshop Basics

  • Design principles

  • Design Sketching

  • Linear Perspective

  • Space layout design including floor plans

Some of these topics could be courses by themselves so we will look at methods concept artists use to “hack” things like perspective. The most important rules for creating entertaining sound designs will be covered but we will not go in depth over all of the design principles. As for PhotoShop, we will go over the basics needed for this course, with the end goal of a layout sketch in mind. Tools and tips will be covered throughout the course and future ones as needed.

We’ll be utilizing the latest software packages that top tier gaming studios of today use to create all of your favorite titles!

  • Photoshop for the majority of this course, and SketchUp and/or Blender for perspective aids

***NOTE This course shows the workflow for an artist creating a final asset, there are several ways to reach an end goal, this is simply one of those paths.


Reide Perigo is an environment concept artist for Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) as part of the Visual Arts Service Group. In his time with SIE, Reide has worked on a number of games. Titles that have been released so far include Death Stranding and VR shooter, Firewall:Zero Hour.

Outside of games, Reide has used his creative talents and design-first mentality as a concept artist helping pitch and design Family Entertainment Centers all over the world, a graphic designer for companies such as Salesforce, and an illustrator for board games and even disc golf stamps.

Course curriculum

  1. 3
    • Brief to Design Board

    • Mindmap

  2. 4
    • Reviewing Your Mindmap

    • Using Story Routes for Research

    • Refs

    • Outro

  3. 5
    • Overview

  4. 6
    • Design Rules Overview

    • 123's of Details

    • B, M, S Golden Ratio

    • Study Sketching

    • Environment Details

  5. 7
    • Design Sketch Intro

    • Timelapse

    • Platform 1

    • Platform 2

  6. 8
    • Personalize

    • Sketching Methods

    • Timelapse Part 1

    • Timelapse Part 2

  7. 9
    • Overview

    • Point Perspective - 1 VP

    • Point Perspective - 2 Vps

    • 3 Point Perspective - 3 Vps

  8. 10
    • Perspective Grid- Photoshop Hex Method

    • 3D Software Grid 1 - Sketchup

    • 3D Software Grid 2 - Blender

  9. 11
    • Overview

    • Walkthrough

    • Timelapse 1

    • Timelapse 2

    • Timelapse 3

  10. 12
    • Intro

    • Part 1

    • Part 2

    • Timelapse 2

    • Timelapse 3

    • Closing

  11. 13
    • Intro

    • Skewing In Floor Plan

    • Timelapse 1

    • Timelapse 2

    • Outro


One-On-One Expert Advice with the Instructor

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